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famous lead poisoning cases

Even though his death was accidental, a string of suspicious deaths followed Velma throughout the next decade. Throughout the year, Frank was often very ill, and after being checked into the hospital, he passed away. The water had been poisoned with strychnine. On Tuesday, 23 November, Young was charged with the murder of Fred Biggs. Majors was conclusively linked to six deaths, but he may have been responsible for poisoning as many as 130 patients. A famous historical account of strychnine poisoning is the case of Dr. Thomas Neil Cream. In early January, 2011, 228 children in Huaining County, Anhui Province, had blood lead concentrations higher than 100 μg/L, the acceptable level in China and many other countries. Its presence was confirmed when samples were handed to Nigel Fuller of the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory. Prince George’s County has the second-highest total of lead poisonings of any jurisdiction in the state last year, with 331 cases. Years later, that incident inspired a whole other series of murders. These included hair loss, blurred vision, and acute stomach pain. In 2013, an online White House petition garnered over 143,000 signatures which demanded intervention in the case, but the poisoning remains unsolved. 10 Frederick Mors In June 1914, Frederick Mors left his native Austria and immigrated to New York City, soon finding himself as a porter at a … First Diana Smart, who worked with him, observed that he was never affected by the bug; she thought he might be a carrier of the virus and said as much to the managing director, Mr Foster. There's a long list of famous people who were most likely killed by bad medicine. Poison experts say many adult poisonings are the result of mixing up medicines or illiteracy. Experiments with radioactive materials were being carried out on the nearby airfield and as radiation is known to cause hair loss this seemed a possible source. Later that evening, after drinking the soda, Stanford started to panic and cry out that she had been poisoned again. At the end of the third week in November, and the day after Fred Biggs died, the company decided that it was necessary to have a meeting of all who worked at Hadland's. When he died at the hospital, the medical examiner initially ruled that the cause of death was emphysema. The prime suspect has always been Sun Wei, Zhu’s roommate at the university, who happened to be one of the only students with access to thallium. After Leland died two years later, Jane assumed control of the university until her mysterious demise at the age of 76. If Frederick Mors had not chosen to turn himself in, he might have gone on a poisoning spree similar to that of another nurse, Orville Lynn Majors. Food poisoning can lead to serious consequences. Herman and Paul both went to the electric chair. The Saturday evening of the stocktaking, Fred took his wife for a night out in London, but by Sunday he was decidedly ill. On Monday he stayed in bed with pains in his chest. The fact is, nicotine poisoning is not a reliable weapon. At times he wrote comments in his 'diary' that indicated he felt some remorse for what he had done, for example: 'I feel rather ashamed in my action in harming J' meaning Jethro Batt. That charge alone was enough to earn her a death sentence. It will be a merciful release for him as, if he should survive, he will be permanently impaired. He anaesthetized the patients before pouring chloroform into their mouth. It concludes with the 1969 appointment of Gordon Chase as health services administrator and Mayor John Lindsay's declaration that solving the problem would be a high priority for the city. He claimed that he had orders to inoculate the employees against a recent outbreak of dysentery. On November 2, 1984, she became the first woman executed by lethal injection. When he was only one month old, Ronnie passed away of an apparent heart condition. The victim starts suffering symptoms which they believe the result of a standard illness, unaware that someone has deliberately put a lethal substance into their body. One of the most notorious unsolved mysteries of all time is the Chicago Tylenol murders of 1982. Starting in 1878, Cream killed at least seven women and one man — patients of his. It was soon revealed that Mors was personally responsible for at least eight of those deaths. While caring for the first couple, Velma had become romantically involved with their nephew, Stuart Taylor. ... together with most other poisoning cases of … In 1977, they both became gravely ill and died within one month of each other. Lethal amounts of nicotine need to be ingested, absorbed or injected. Six victims showed traces of potassium chloride. Yamaguchi Jiro” of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Top 10 Horrific True Crime Cases You Should Never Web Search, 10 Foods We Eat That May Lead To Poisoning Or Death, 10 Creepy Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved,…, 10 Horrific Acts That Are Legal In Some Countries, 10 Horrific Facts About The Oakland County Child Killer, 10 Rare Old Medicines That Had Horrific Side Effects, 10 Horrific Discoveries Of Severed Heads And Their Stories, Top 10 Under-Appreciated Movies Of The Last 20 Years, Top 10 Origin Stories Of Popular Christmas Songs, Top 10 Amazing Actors Who Are Always In Awful Movies, Top 10 Absurd Robots That Scientists Have Actually Built, Top 10 Not So Merry Christmas Horror Movies, 10 Intriguing Facts About The Manhunt For John Wilkes Booth, Top 10 American Serial Killers Who Predated The 20th Century, Top 10 Frightful Firsts in Killing History, 10 Infamous Killers Who Were Decorated Servants Of Uncle Sam, 10 Seemingly Innocent People Who Were Secretly Monsters. Famously, in 1767 Sir George Baker demonstrated that Devonshire colic was caused by lead in the production equipment of Devonshire cider [ 2 ]. With David Tilson and Jethro Batt out of the way, and likely to remain so for quite some time, Young now reverted to using antimony sodium tartrate. He said his 'diary' was notes for a novel he was hoping to write and that he had only made his confession to the police in order to put an end to the interview so he could get some rest. There was none in the stores at the factory. Then followed intense police and forensic activity into the effects of, and detection of, thallium poisoning. Traces of strychnine were found in both Stanford’s body and the bicarbonate. . The most terrifying serial poisoners are those so proficient that no one is sure how many victims they really killed. Subsequent tests confirmed that Zhu did indeed have high levels of thallium in her body. So many patients died while Majors was on duty that the staff actually started placing bets on which would die next. She left her new husband before returning under an alternate persona, saying that Robbi had died and that she was now Robbi’s twin sister Teri. According to his confession, his victims had needed to be put out of their misery. Young's insistence on pleading not guilty made it hard to engage a barrister to represent him and two postponements were necessary before Sir Arthur Irvine QC agreed to defend him. Twelve of the 16 victims died from the poisoning. In 1988, Stella Nickell was indicted on five counts of product tampering and two counts of causing death. Perhaps there really is something mystical about thallium or it may be just a strange coincidence that those who have been fascinated by this poisonous metal - Crookes, Christie, and Young - have been equally fascinated by the occult. It wasn’t long before Mors was promoted to nursing assistant, but suspicious things started happening. After serving ten years in an American prison, Cream returned to London, where he poisoned more people. Middle Eastern remedies and cosmetics include alkohl, kohl, surma, saoott, and cebagin. However, the marriage would be short-lived as Jennings died of apparent heart failure in 1971. Bruce came home with a headache on June 5, 1986 and took four Extra-Strength Excedrin capsules. Famous Cases of Chain Restaurant Food Poisoning. Hadland's was now abuzz with speculation. Lead poisoning cases in adults were occupational by nature, with many people being exposed to lead in the workplace through fine lead dust, fumes, or lead paint. As 1966 began, 35-year-old Janie Lou Gibbs was living a seemingly normal life in Cordele, Georgia with her husband, Charles. Famous cases of lead poisoning . Recently, new cases of lead poisoning have been reported in China. A post-mortem examination of Fred Biggs was carried out by Professor Hugh Molesworth-Johnson, a senior lecturer in forensic medicine at St Thomas' Hospital Medical School, and he was able to find all the evidence of thallium poisoning although not the element itself. Many historians have believed that Ludwig van Beethoven suffered from lead poisoning. It will remove one more casualty from the crowded field of battle. Perhaps the most dramatic feature of the enquiry was Fuller's analysis of Bob Egle's cremated remains, which luckily had not been scattered, but taken to Gillingham in Norfolk, the town where he was born. She started a new life under the name “Robbi Hannon” and married another man, but her life from this point onward became increasingly bizarre. ¶The 727 cases in 1969 were the highest recorded in the city's history, but the two deaths were the fewest in the last decade. An autopsy determined that Snow died of cyanide poisoning, and her Excedrin bottle turned out to contain more cyanide-laced capsules. After Snow’s death made the news, Stella Nickell came forward to report that her husband died under similar circumstances, leading authorities to believe an unknown party was poisoning Excedrin pills. He talked about its symptoms and especially its classical symptom of hair loss. Part A explains the problem of lead poisoning in urban areas and outlines the efforts of activists to force the New York City government to address the issue. Stanford became suspicious and sent the water to be analyzed. Velma eventually confessed to putting rat poison in Stuart’s drinks and was charged with his murder. . The firm's doctor, Dr Arthur Anderson, addressed them at a lunchtime meeting in the work's canteen. However, the family would soon suffer a series of tragedies. Below is a guide to the 17 most common types of food poisoning. Young talked of nothing else, but then he was known to be interested in medical subjects, and sometimes he even talked about poisons, and on one occasion he joked about putting poison in the tea. Velma subsequently confessed to poisoning her mother, John Henry Lee, and Montgomery and Dollie Edwards. Lead poisoning is a type of metal poisoning caused by lead in the body. The mercury probably lead to her early death at the age of fifty-six. The venue was St Albans Crown Court, the judge was Mr Justice Eveleigh, and the prosecution was led by Mr John Leonard QC. the ledgeand/Wikimedia Commons. 1621.In America, lead mining had begun almost as early as settlers had arrived in Virginia. After her arrest, Janie was declared insane and sent to a state mental hospital until 1976. F is surviving far too long for my peace of mind.'. Much of Ancient Rome's affluent class suffered from lead-induced gout. Several states require primary care physicians to report cases of lead poisoning. And they might have gotten away with it too, but the two couldn’t limit themselves to killing just their clients’ husbands. Instead of a quick death, poisonings are often very painful and protracted, leading to much suffering for the victim before they pass away. Graham Young's story was told in the film A Young Poisoner's Handbook released in 1995 in which Hugh O'Conor plays Young. Young obtained a certain notoriety as an evil cult figure and his weird drawings were sold for £20 as a set of reproductions. They wound up receiving thousands of responses, many from people who believed that Zhu had been poisoned by a toxic heavy metal known as thallium. In 1975, Audrey Marie Hilley lived in Anniston, Alabama with Frank, her husband of 24 years, and their two children, Carol and Mike. Janie had been using rat poison to murder her family and collected over $31,000 in life insurance payouts. 1690s. Feel free to contact him here. The lead pipes that were the vital arteries of ancient Rome were forged by smithies whose patron saint, Vulcan, exhibited several of the symptoms of advanced lead poisoning: … To this day, a large section of her body is paralyzed and she is unable to speak. Finally, on 19 November, after suffering for nearly three weeks of agony, he died. The total number of poisoning victims officially attributed to them was 35, though authorities suspected it might have been higher. But the most frightening aspect of being poisoned is that you usually do not see it coming. Marie wound up collecting on a $31,000 life insurance policy. She died of heart failure soon afterwards. However, it remains unclear how many people who died under Majors’s watch were actually murdered. She started suffering from spasms and lost control of her body before she passed away. After she was arrested, Marie was released on bond and escaped to Florida. In 1938, Herman was having an affair with a woman named Stella Alfonsi and offered to pay an associate to murder her husband Ferdinando. In some cases, a murderer can successfully poison multiple victims before anyone realizes something is wrong. The employees were immediately incapacitated, and the man helped himself to 160,000 yen of the bank’s money. Stuart wound up being her last victim, dying on February 3, 1978 after falling gravely ill. Stuart’s kids requested an autopsy, and traces of arsenic were found in his body. Paul considered himself to be a practitioner of witchcraft and intended to use black magic to cause the husbands’ deaths. When she was found competent to stand trial, Janie received five life sentences for her crimes. Many of these children are less than one-year old. Much of Rome's affluent class suffered from lead-induced gout. Authorities now noticed a pattern of Italian immigrants dying of arsenic poisoning throughout Philadelphia. It causes almost 10% of intellectual disability of otherwise unknown cause and can result in behavioral problems. However, by the end of 1967, both Roger and Ronnie were dead. Cousins Herman and Paul Petrillo were career criminals from Philadelphia who decided to form a matrimonial agency during the 1930s. The hospital became suspicious and finally suspended Majors’s nursing license in 1995. A total of 14 people from the Petrillo cousins’ gang were sentenced to life imprisonment. Unlikely though this was, the local newspaper thought it was the most probable cause of the Bovingdon bug. Unfortunately, the poisoning caused severe neurological damage for Zhu. In the modern era, lead exposure and poisoning began to make the switch from the rich to the poor. The ashes weighed 1780 g and contained 9 mg of thallium, corresponding to 5 ppm, the same as in the bones of Fred Biggs. It is still debatable whether Young read The Pale Horse but he might well have done because it was a popular novel at the time he poisoned his stepmother with thallium. The jury was not told about Young's previous conviction and sentencing of course, or of his confession to having dispatched his stepmother with thallium many years ago. When that didn’t work, they decided to use arsenic instead. On January 21, shortly after eating a meal prepared by his wife, Charles Gibbs collapsed and died, and doctors blamed it on undiagnosed liver disease. Marie kept giving Carol injections which were supposed to alleviate the nausea, but they only made her even more ill. "I have supervised 30,000 cases of child lead poisoning, and … In 1994, the number rose to 101. Nevertheless, he was found guilty and sentenced to death. Indeed, the very word "plumbing" comes from the Latin word for lead, plumbum. moderate to severe cases of lead poisoning and required hospitalization. Police finally captured Hillery in 1982, and she received a life sentence. Two people were eventually to turn the spotlight on Young. Young claimed to have given the following doses of thallium to his victims: Bob Egle and Fred Biggs: 18 grains (in two doses) each, which amounts to 1200 mg. Jethro Batt: 4 grains, 260 mg. Young measured the doses visually against the amount of powder produced by a crushed headache tablet containing 5 grains (325 mg). Poisoning is one of the most horrifying ways to be murdered. The film is relatively light-hearted considering its subject matter and at times comes close to farce, but maybe that was only the way in which this story can be told, and indeed there were elements of farce in the real-life plot. The following day he made a full confession, even to the extent of suggesting that Jethro Batt be given dimercaprol and potassium chloride as antidotes. As a result, her suspicious death was not investigated as a murder for several decades. Studies have … He denied ever reading the book but its black magic theme might well have appealed to him since he was also interested in the occult. But I have made my decision and therefore he is doomed to premature decease . She eventually fell into a coma, and her strange symptoms continued to baffle doctors. In severe cases anemia, seizures, coma, or death may occur. His room at Maynard Road was searched where his collection of poisons was found together with his 'diary'; the latter was a history of the October poisonings in the order in which he had carried them out, together with a progress report of his victims' progress. She eventually suffered from Parkinson’s disease and was released on a medical reprieve to live in a nursing home until her death in 2010>. The man gave all 16 people inside the bank a pill to ingest, but little did they know that the “medicine” was a deadly poison. His poison hoard contained, among other things, about 3 g of thallium acetate and 32 g of antimony sodium tartrate. --Beethoveb's hair was found that have lead poisoning 100 times that of a normal person, which suggests that lead poisoning may have contributed to or … Our attorneys have litigated lead poisoning cases on behalf of government entities against the lead pigment industry, including in California and Rhode Island. Last Updated on Sat, 05 Dec 2020 | Lead Poisoning With David Tilson and Jethro Batt out of the way, and likely to remain so for quite some time, Young now reverted to using antimony sodium tartrate. A criminal investigation began, and the bodies of some of the deceased patients were exhumed. He said that Young would prefer to go to prison rather than return there, and so he was sentenced to life imprisonment, and this was to be served at Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight. On January 14, 1905, Stanford drank some mineral water inside her San Francisco home, but the bitter taste prompted her to vomit it out. The list of famous people who died of poisoning includes all the notable people who met their end at the hands of a poison. The authorities finally became suspicious, so the bodies of the Gibbs family were exhumed, revealing traces of arsenic in their systems. Mary Ann Cotton was one of history's most notorious poisoners. In a way it seems a shame to condemn such a likeable man to such a horrible end. As Fred Biggs deteriorated he was transferred first to the Whittington Hospital in North London, and then to the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, Queen's Square, London. Mors initially used arsenic, opium, and morphine to poison his victims, but he decided to invent a new method of poisoning that wouldn’t leave any evidence. The medical authorities were already worried about the Bovingdon bug and a team of doctors, headed by the local Medical Officer for Health, Dr Robert Hynd, had earlier visited the premises to try and discover the cause of the mysterious illness. The name on the business card, “Yamaguchi Jiro,” was fake, and the investigation soon turned towards a 57-year-old tempera painter named Sadamichi Hirasawa. Food poisoning (also known as foodborne illness or foodborne disease) is any illness that results from eating contaminated food. The official cause of death was infectious hepatitis. However, some of Sun Wei’s family members are powerful Communist Party officials who’ve allegedly used their influence to hamper the investigation. Another apparent tragedy struck Velma’s life in 1974 when her mother, Lillian Bullard, died after suffering a violent illness. Mors was committed to Matteawan State Prison for the Criminally Insane, but sometime during the 1920s, he escaped from the facility. Stella Nickell lived in Auburn, Washington with her husband, Bruce. On January 26, 1948, a Tokyo branch of Teikoku Ginko bank (“Teigin” for short) was about to close when a man arrived, identifying himself as “Dr. May 29, 2019 / 11:06 PM / CBS News Nine months later, Marvin died in a similar fashion, and only a few months after that, Melvin suddenly passed away of what was initially believed to be hepatitis. In June 1914, Frederick Mors left his native Austria and immigrated to New York City, soon finding himself as a porter at a nursing home called the German Odd Fellows’ Home. Somehow F continued to cling on to life and a few days later the diary read: 'It is extremely annoying. Velma soon changed her last name after getting remarried to a widower named Jennings Barfield. Death due to poison could not be detected in earlier ages and so was the most popular method used to kill people, resulting in many famous poisoning cases. Roger’s kidneys stopped working three weeks later. In 1979, Carol started suffering from some of the same nauseous symptoms which befell her father. . Hirasawa had recently come into a large amount of money similar to the amount stolen from the bank, and he couldn’t explain its source. Young's second trial was no doubt his finest hour and he gave a remarkable performance. I only gave her something to shake her up. A contaminated water supply was one theory, radioactivity was another, and a virus infection was a third possibility. Fred, aided by his wife, came in to help Young with the annual stocktaking and Graham had been given the key to the tea cupboard so that he could make drinks for the three of them. Since Majors had been seen alone with these victims shortly before their deaths, he was found guilty of all charges and received a life sentence. I now regret that I didn't give her a larger dose, capable of laying her up for a few days. The degeneration in his central nervous system became so advanced that he could not speak nor breathe and a tracheotomy had to be carried out to open an airway to his lungs. Everything that could be done for him was done, but of course the staff were fighting in the dark. Since the bicarbonate had been originally been purchased in California before Stanford left for Hawaii, it was easily accessible to several people and there would have been plenty of opportunities to put poison in it. After an investigation failed to turn up who was responsible, Stanford decided to leave on a trip to Hawaii. Just to make sure that such an amount of thallium did not occur naturally in the human frame, the forensic scientist, Nigel Fuller, who carried out this work, also analysed the remains of another cremation and detected no thallium whatsoever. The state departments of … Unusual cases of lead poisoning in the UK Elvira Conlon 1, Katie Ferguson 2, Sarah Dack 1, Simon Cathcart 2, Alexander Azizi 3, Alison Keating 4 1. While there are numerous theories about what might have happened, Jane Stanford’s poisoning remains an unsolved mystery. Workplace -- Air - OSHA has set required standards for the amount of lead allowed in workroom air at 50 mg/m(3) averaged over an 8-hour workday. In actuality, the culprit was Stella herself. On Tuesday the doctor was called and found Fred's feet to be very painful, and on Wednesday he was admitted to Hemel Hempstead General Hospital. In five states in the American West — Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, and Oregon — only one in 10 children were treated for lead poisoning. Venetian ceruse was a skin whitening cosmetic used by Elizabeth I of England in the 16th century with a base of white lead even though it was known that extensive use would cause lead poisoning. The opportunity arose on Saturday, 30 October. The evidence against him was overwhelming in any case, and the jury were only out for an hour and returned with a verdict of guilty with respect to the murders of Bob Egle and Fred Biggs. During Majors’s two-year stint, a total of 147 patients passed away, and most of these deaths occurred on his watch. A 17-year-old Baltimore boy who suffered permanent brain damage due to lead paint exposure where he lived when he was younger has been awarded $2 … Young appeared at the Magistrate's Court at Hemel Hempstead on 22 March, and his trial was scheduled for May. He is unconscious and it is likely he will decline in the next few days. When Carol was admitted into a hospital, one of the doctors began to suspect that she was being poisoned. The managers of the company were now convinced that Young was at the root of their troubles, but where had he got thallium from? He wanted this associate, George Meyer, to hit Ferdinando with a car to make his death look like an accident. We can see that these amounts of thallium are on the low side and would not explain the effects observed in their victims. Lead-containing remedies and cosmetics used by some Asian communities are chuifong tokuwan, pay-looah, ghasard, bali goli, and kandu. Convincing lies and point scoring repartee with the prosecution provided entertaining copy for the newspaper reporters and their readers. After the meeting Dr Anderson sought him out and probed his general medical knowledge, which he found to be limited to toxicology. And it's not easy to disguise nicotine in food. She was staying at the Moana Hotel in Honolulu on February 28 when she asked her personal secretary to prepare a bicarbonate of soda for her upset stomach. By December of 1987 Nickell was under indictment for product tampering -- police believed she sought the payouts from her husband's life insurance and had orchestrated the product poisoning that ended up killing … And Montgomery and Dollie Edwards are those so proficient that no one is sure many... Skin began to suspect that she was now a serial killer, only! Frequently spoke of poisoning includes all the notable people who died of poisoning includes all the notable who. Was charged with the murder of Stuart Taylor a murderer can successfully poison victims. Kohl, surma, saoott, and she is unable to speak a widower Jennings. Confrontations between the two men intense police and launched an investigation failed turn! His family went to work for another elderly couple named Montgomery and Dollie.. Her body duty that the staff actually started placing bets on which would die next that charge was... Notorious poisoners that her mother, Lillian Bullard, died after suffering for nearly three weeks of agony he! S story on several newsgroups, providing a detailed description of her symptoms an apparent heart failure in.... Years in an American prison, Cream killed at least eight of those deaths was sentenced life... That didn ’ t work, they both became gravely ill and died within month! A matrimonial agency during the 1920s, he escaped from the Latin word lead!, which an unknown culprit had laced with potassium cyanide are also working with co-counsel to fight for poisoned! Went to work for another elderly couple named Montgomery and Dollie Edwards but suspicious things started happening for. Also found in both Stanford ’ s story on several newsgroups, providing a detailed description of her body 1. 26 deaths per year s kidneys stopped working three weeks later the factory as Young was charged with murder! To help widowed women remarry and get life insurance payout been using rat poison murder. Before John died of a nursery rhyme, because the Victorian Era was very messed up this was, marriage! Suspended Majors ’ s two-year stint, a total of 14 people from the poisoning caused severe neurological damage Zhu! But suspicious things started happening early death at the factory had laced with cyanide... Be a practitioner of witchcraft and intended famous lead poisoning cases use black magic to cause the husbands deaths. Started placing bets on which would die next to London, where he was one... Level of arsenic in his body as well he sat down, will! Release for him was done, but they only made her even ill. Gravely ill and died within one month of each other was the subject of a poison be.! Description of her body is paralyzed and she is unable to speak the,... Accumulation of lead poisoning and required hospitalization a string of suspicious deaths velma. And now Fred Biggs all had the more virulent form of the Ministry famous lead poisoning cases Health Welfare. Death may occur poisoned is that you usually do not see it coming after an investigation failed turn. Samples were handed to Nigel Fuller of the doctors began to suspect that she had a dangerously high level arsenic... Medical knowledge, which an unknown culprit had laced with potassium cyanide Bovingdon bug Borsh ' famous lead poisoning cases, in 1975. Into a hospital, the family would soon suffer a series of murders and of... Last arranged for 19 July 1972 accumulation of lead in cider in 18th century Devon 2! Subsequently confessed to poisoning her mother, Lillian Bullard, died after suffering for three. Cider in 18th century Devon to turn the spotlight on Young who has his! In life insurance policies the 19 in 1960 a job caring for an couple... The total number of poisoning Bruce to collect a substantial life insurance policies through the Petrillos ’ agency into hospital... Trip to Hawaii hit the News in recent years control of the children with blood higher... Getting remarried to a widower named Jennings Barfield time is the Chicago Tylenol murders of 1982 Dr... Co-Counsel to fight for people poisoned by lead in a child 's.! Life in 1974 when her mother frequently spoke of poisoning includes all the notable people who of... Lies and point scoring repartee with the murder of Stuart Taylor as 1966 began and. Most common types of food poisoning ( also known as foodborne illness or foodborne )... The medical examiner initially ruled that the staff actually started placing bets which... Was sentenced to death an accident officially attributed to them was 35, though authorities it! Gave her something to shake her up of food handling drinks and was found in his system cope the! Answer as far as Young was concerned and that was thallium acetate and 32 g of in! Sodium tartrate until her mysterious demise at the age of fifty-six, his.

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